School Change - The Convergence Academies Way

Problem Statement: Evidence shows that young people growing up in the digital age learn best when they experience learning as social, participatory, interest-driven and relevant to the opportunities of the time. Yet teachers and schools lack the supports they need to effectively integrate these connected learning experiences into everyday school culture, climate, curriculum and instructional practices.

The Convergence Academies Theory of Action includes five levels of engagement:

  • Professional Learning Communities - Work to foster safe, trusting and collaborative environments that support a faculty comprised of lifelong learners, creative practitioners, connected teachers, learning designers and distributed leaders.
  • The Digital Atelier - Work to create production-centered student spaces to support student interests and creativity along diverse learning pathways.
  • Learning Design Supports - Work to help teachers design classroom-based learning structures that bring relevance, meaning and engagement to academic learning through professional learning supports and one on one coaching provided by digital media and learning specialists.
  • Instructional Model - Work to develop tools and frameworks that support teachers as learning designers using the Six Pillars of Convergence, the 3Cs framework (connect, consume, create) and the K-13 Curriculum Continuum in Participatory Literacies as well as other guides, templates and tools
  • Connected Learning Infrastructure - Work to support Principals and administrators in building a school that supports a connected learning ecology through technologies, tools, budgeting strategies, policies, plans, practices and partnerships.