Print Day Step One

After viewing some examples and explaining how printing works, Justin sits down and sketches out a design. A few seconds later it's on the plate. He is ready to walk away as if done. I hand him another paper. Sketch it out. Another one. But take your time. Think about composition, line, shape. Think about how to make the best use of positive and negative space. Think about how this design represents you.
He gets working again. Some te later, design number two is born. I tell him to map the final product-the shape of it. Will he cut out the space he is not using? Will he enclose it in a shape?
He asks if it's not okay to just cut it out later.
I tell him to be more intentional about his work.
He hands me the final sketch, we talk about what his design represents, and how it does that, then he is handed the plate and prepares it for tomorrow.