Meet Cortis

"I had an idea," Justin says. He picks up a marker and begins doodling on the whiteboard top table. "I was thinking we should have minions...
For our mascot. Little robots because it's the DA and they could represent what we do here." "What are our main subjects here?" I tell him we focus a lot on coding, 3D printing, and music production. "Okay," he says, "so we could make them each different and create challenges for each mascot. Color code them and say, well you need to do this for Cortis Blue." I hand him some paper and he creates character design sketches. Next step: Sean and Luke
Sean: but how will each one represent what they do? Like for example, this one for music production-is he looking at a record?
Justin looks at his drawing again and after some breaking down of this idea, modifies his design to include symbols on the stomach of each Cortis to represent its role. "Teletubby style" he explains.
Okay so what's the next step? I ask him.
"I want to show it to the students and get their opinions on the design, then finalize it and maybe print them on the 3D printer." He responds.
Another student happily goes around the room showing off the initial design and asking for input from other students.