Lights Camera Action!

Justin walks in the room and grabs a marker. “There’s something I want to write," he says. I follow him outside to the small whiteboard at our door. He jots something quickly and then steps back to admire it. I read it and smile. Perfect.
The kids walk in with burritos in their hands. They have received fake money from doing math games all day. They pull some paper slips from their pocket and hand it to us. “Here. My treat! I got you!" They proclaim happily. Lunch is on its way courtesy of our kids.
Meanwhile Justin is working on taking his stop motion project back up. Now that his dinosaur has printed, a new design, ready for the holiday season and now with a fuller range of motion, he gets started and sets up the equipment with some help from Luke and Sean.
Meanwhile, we screen short animation films-student work from Art and Design colleges in the country.