Everyday People

Carver works on his resume. He tells me about his experiences working in New York as a street promoter for his dad's medical practice, about how he wants to go to the university of Tampa and shows me his sketchbook. We talk about the stages we go through in life as artists and how that shows in our work and why he prefers working off existing images at the moment. His resume says aspiring chef but he says he wants to go to art school.
Justin spends his time reflecting on his strengths and weaknesses and refining his writing skills. Now and then he’ll come and after some editing, we’ll talk about what these things might look like in the workplace. He speaks about being able to learn something quickly with some help and being a good coworker, but what about his weaknesses? What happens if he has a customer/client that is upset? How does he handle setbacks and challenging/frustrating situations?
Meanwhile,another student completes her first design for a 3D print project!