DA Design DA

Student walks into the DA wanting to make vinyl stickers but out equipment is down. She designs them anyway-simple text with her name because she wants to put it up on her locker. I ask her if that's all she wants to do. I tell her she has many options when it comes to designing things for herself because she could think of things that she likes and uses everyday that could hold meaning to her. At first, she takes a quiz to find her spirit animal. After our talk though, she remembers that she likes doing her nails and opens up a page in different hands and designs. I show her elaborate lines and patterns and tell her how each one could represent different things-moons with spirituality and mystery to flowers for feminists etc. she gets to work. She knows what she wants to do, she tells me. After she's done, I tell her that if she likes the examples from tomorrow's print day with Justin, she can try to make a print too because the line designs will look nice as a print.